(All designs are 3.5"x2" -- can be dynamically resized)

Current design with refreshed fonts (already in fedora-business-cards.git):

Mockup 01:

Mockup 01a (01b + border):

Mockup 01b (01 + smaller Fedora logo):

Mockup 01c (01a + smaller border):

Mockup 01d (01c + info aligned top):

Mockup 01e (01b + info aligned top):

Mockup 01f (01e + fedoraproject.org at bottom):

Mockup 01g (01b + 0.2" margins):

Mockup 01h (01g + the return of the blue border on the right):

Mockup 01i (01h + more bottom margin):

Mockup 01j (01h + moar! bottom margin):

Mockup 01j, no GPG:

Mockup 02: